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Market dominance
Security & control

How to buy BTC

Blockchain based platform
Revolutional technology
Smart contracts

How to buy ETH

Native asset for Binance Chain
Fuels the entire Binance Ecosystem
Buying BNB is easy

How to buy BNB

Working product ready for mass adoption
Respectable partnerships
Secure, fast & low transaction fees

How to buy XRP

Engineered for efficiency and scalability
Patent-free and open source

How to buy ADA

Fun and friendly internet currency

How to buy DOGE

Stability and low volatility
Popular stablecoin
Pegged to US dollar

How to buy USDT


How to buy DOT

Low fees
Peer-to-peer electronic cash system

How to buy BCH

Peer to peer transactions
Near-zero transaction costs
Open source network

How to buy LTC

Automated DEX
Liquitity protocol for token swaps
Automated market maker

How to buy UNI

Connect to Any External API
Send Payments Anywhere
Tamper-proof digital agreements

How to buy LINK

Experienced team of creators
High performance

How to buy SOL

The future of banking
Finance with a mission
Fight poverty and maximize individual potential

How to buy XLM

Stable coin
Pegged to the US Dollar
Digital dollar

How to buy USDC

Proof-of-Stake (PoS)

How to buy MATIC

Controllable transaction lifecycle
Multi-task transactions
Transaction dependency

How to buy VET

Free from external interference
Allows for complex contracts that operate autonomously
‘Code is Law’ approach

How to buy ETC

Decentralized video streaming
Reduced cost of delivering video streams
Innovative new blockchain

How to buy THETA

Makes the development of decentralised apps easier
Secure & computing support
Scalable, Flexible, Usable.

How to buy EOS

Large network & support
Digital media content focus
Decentralised sharing platform

How to buy TRX

Digital asset-backed loans
Spend funds without selling your crypto holdings
Collateral Storage on Smart Contracts

How to buy AAVE

Created by computer scientist, Juan Benet, Filecoin (FIL) is the native token of the Filecoin network. The network is a decentralised peer-to-peer file storage network that aims to “... store humanity’s most important information” by letting anyone store, retrieve, and host digitised information. FIL tokens are used as payment for these services and as an incentive to validators to ensure files are stored reliably over time.

How to buy FIL

Created by Daniel Shin and Do Kwon from the Korean blockchain company, Terraform Labs, LUNA is the native token on the Terra protocol which issues stable coins pegged to a country's currency. At any time, anyone can propose to mint new stable coins. In essence, LUNA is a family of programmable digital world currencies open for anyone to transact, save or build on top of.

How to buy LUNA

Adopted by Chinese markets
Developer friendly Smart Contracts
Public cloud

How to buy NEO


How to buy ATOM

Original Bitcoin protocol
Satoshi Vision
Stability and scale

How to buy BSV

Peer-to-peer system & strong community
First to use TANGLE concept
‘Internet of Things’ focus

How to buy MIOTA

Created by Gavin Wood, Kusama is a platform where developers have complete creative freedom of what they want to build. For developers working on Polkadot, Kusama is sometimes used as a testnet as it can soak up the risk of early experimentation without impacting the Polkadot network.

How to buy KSM

Built to last

How to buy XTZ

RUNE (RUNE) is the nativie utility token used on THORChain, a decentralized protocol that allows users to exchange cryptocurrency assets as well as deposit assets into liquidity pools to earn yield. RUNE is also used for the platform’s governance and security, with a total supply of 500 million.

How to buy RUNE

Utility driven
Leveraging ability
Trading benefits

How to buy FTT

Avalanche, often called Ava, is a decentralized smart contract platform that allows for transaction confirmations to be done in under one second, while maintaining low fees. Created by Emin Gün Sirer in June 2020, the platform has been used for launching decentralized finance (DeFi) apps, financial assets, trading and other services.

How to buy AVAX

Created by developers that remain anonymous, PacakeSwap launched in September 2020 with its native token, CAKE, and is a decentralised exchange (DEX) that facilitates the trading of BEP-20 tokens utilising automated market maker technology (AMM).

How to buy CAKE

Award-winning team

How to buy ALGO

DeFi based
Community Governance
Instant borrowing/lending

How to buy COMP

Leading digital currency
Instant transactions
Governance focused

How to buy DASH

Extra security
Zero-knowledge cryptography
Public Blockchain

How to buy ZEC

Blockchain based platform
Decentralized exchange
High Security

How to buy WAVES

SushiSwap was created in 2020 by a pseudonymous individual or group called Chef Nomi, along with founders SushiSwap and OxMaki, using elements from Uniswap and expanding on the platform's capabilities.

How to buy SUSHI

Decentralized finance platform
Liquidity provision
Aiming for high annual yields

How to buy YFI

Network fuel
Network protection
Public ledger

How to buy HBAR

Decentralised finance (DeFi)
Stocks, currencies and commodities
ERC-20 instant conversions

How to buy SNX

Zero Inflation
Built from the ground up
Smart Asset System

How to buy XEM

High throughput

How to buy EGLD

Re-imagining fan engagement
Digital currency for sports and e-sports
Fan branded tokens

How to buy CHZ

Accessible open-source software
Community-powered cryptocurrency

How to buy DCR

Boosting global crypto adoption
Intuitive platform

How to buy MCO

Allows development of secure & decentralised apps
Innervator in scalability solutions
Improving digital advertising

How to buy ZIL

Owned by its users
Built by its users
Creativity is rewarded

How to buy MANA

Merging blockchain & business
Simplifying ‘smart contracts’
Developer friendly

How to buy QTUM

Operational token
Theta Network
Native token

How to buy TFUEL

Open infrastructure
Enabling decentralized

How to buy ONE


How to buy FTM

Improves digital advertising
From the creator of JavaScript & co-founder of Firefox & Mozilla
Open source, transparent & efficient

How to buy BAT

Crafted for the gaming industry
All-in-one blockchain game development platform
Bring fairness and purpose to gaming

How to buy ENJ

Improves structure of business processes
Network integration
Focus on trust & authentication

How to buy ONT

True decentralised mining
Built by volunteer developers & Bitcoin enthusiasts
Making mining more accessible

How to buy BTG

Created by Yaniv Tal, Jannis Pohlmann and Brandon Ramirez, The Graph (GRT) launched its mainnet in December 2020. Occasionally referred to as the “Google of Blockchains”, The Graph is an indexing protocol and global API built on the Ethereum blockchain that allows for easily accessible and manageable data from the blockchain.

How to buy GRT

More secure
Faster transactions
More scalable

How to buy DGB

Created in 2018, UMA, or Universal Market Access is a protocol on the Ethereum blockchain that allows developers to create synthetic assets, which are simply a tokenized derivative that mimics the value of another asset, for example gold or oil.

How to buy UMA

Trustless exchange
Shared liquidity
Open source

How to buy ZRX

Scalable Currency

How to buy NANO

Instant coin conversion platform
Digital asset exchange

How to buy BNT

A more reliable data storage service
Decentralised Storage Ecosystem

How to buy SC

Secure architecture
PoW mineable cryptocurrency

How to buy ZEN

Transaction speed and scalability
Experienced parent company
Mainstream digital wallet access

How to buy OMG

Connecting separate decentralised networks
Secure, fast & user friendly
One of the largest networks

How to buy ICX

ASIC resistant
Fair launch
No pre-mine

How to buy RVN

Decentralised apps
Smart contracts
Ease of use

How to buy STX

Created by Russian developers, Sergej Kunz & Anton Bukov in May 2019, the 1inch token powers the decentralised exchange which is identically named, 1inch. The token is used to govern all 1inch network protocols including MooniSwap, 1inch Liquidity Protocol, and the Aggregation Protocol.

How to buy 1INCH

Community Driven
Mass Adoption

How to buy XVG

Inter-blockchain liquidity
Decentralized applications and finance (DeFi)
Dark pool trading

How to buy REN

Low trading Fees
Sharable Liquidity
Maximum Flexibility

How to buy LRC

Allows developers to make custom sidechains
Making blockchain creation more accessible
Public blockchain

How to buy LSK

Efficient & secure
Permissionless & Open source
Focus on scalability

How to buy IOST

Cloud infrastructure
Resource marketplace
Ethereum network

How to buy RLC

Freely transferable NXM tokens
Smart contract cover
Tokenized membership rights

How to buy WNXM

Next generation
Green energy procurement
Trading platform

How to buy WPR

Fast transactions
High security
Binance blockchain

How to buy WRX

Viacoin (VIA) is an open source cryptocurrency created in 2014, with its underlying technology derived from the Bitcoin protocol. Unlike Bitcoin however, Viacoin is able to offer transactions up to 25x faster due to having a 24 second block time, and can handle 175 transactions per second without scaling through Segwit or Lightning Network.

How to buy VIA

Decentralized Exchange
Asset Management Tools
Cross-chain dApps

How to buy WAN

Value IoT ecosystem
Blockchain technology
Cross-chain technology

How to buy WTC

The people-powered blockchain platform.
A powerhouse in your pocket.
The future of social finance.

How to buy VGX

Scalable and efficient
Proof of stake voting model
High speed transactions

How to buy TOMO

Blockchain made simple
Blockchain as a Service
Smart contracts

How to buy STRAX

Crypto dbit card
Fuel for the Swipe Network (DeFi)
Utility based

How to buy SXP

Digital Token
Product Ecosystem

How to buy WABI

Blockchain based platform
Puts your business on the blockchain
Build fast, secure, low-cost application

How to buy SYS

Monetising digital content
Community-based rewards platform
Speed with no fees

How to buy STEEM

Decentralized infrastructure
Secure, real-time data
Innovative data marketplace

How to buy DATA

Decentralised web operating system
User-friendly interaction
Community driven

How to buy SNT

Blockchain based platform
Gamified Mircotasks
Earn Cryptocurrencies

How to buy STMX

Decentralised cloud storage
Secure & reliable storage
Decentralised file sharing

How to buy STORJ

Community consensus
Decentralized algorithm
Maximum security

How to buy SKY

Open AI For All
Decentralized Marketplace
Based on extensive scientific research

How to buy AGI

Branded Tokens Protocol
Scalability Protocol
Easily Integrate

How to buy OST

Cross chain support
Built on Solana and Ethereum compatible

How to buy SRM

Secure data
Decentralized applications

How to buy SCRT

SAND (SAND) is a utility token used on the blockchain-based virtual world of The Sandbox where users can create, build, buy and sell digital assets. The Sandbox was launched in 2011 by Pixowl and has since grown to over a million active monthly users as of 2020, and operates on the Ethereum blockchain.

How to buy SAND

Wallet providers
Credit exchanges

How to buy RCN


How to buy KNC

Online Payments
Audit & Accounting

How to buy REQ

Launched in September 2020 by Denko Mancheski, REEF is the native token of Reef Finance. Reef Finance was the first Polkadot project launched on the Binance Launchpool. The REEF token is a utility token used to vote on different proposals such as releasing new features, readjusting certain parameters in the system and more. Besides governance, the token can also be used to pay protocol fees.

How to buy REEF

Low Fees

How to buy RDN

EVM Compatible
Cross-Shard Transactions

How to buy QKC

Blockchain security
Smart contracts

How to buy QSP

Value Network

How to buy QLC

Energy, reimagined.
Blockchain energy solutions

How to buy POWR

Invoice trading platform
Business solutions

How to buy PPT

Digitizing financial instruments
Polymesh blockchain structure
Regulatory adherence

How to buy POLY

Secure Network
Verified Transaction

How to buy PIVX

Decentralized finance (DeFi)
Aggregating liquidity
Non-custodial trading platform

How to buy ORN

Blockchain-powered commerce
Low cost
Peer-to-peer marketplaces

How to buy OGN

Easy & simple
Dual token model
Staking in consensus

How to buy ONG

Customisable toolset
Focus on functionality
Development platform

How to buy NXT

Unlocking data
Artificial intelligence (AI) integration
Decentralized protocol

How to buy OCEAN

Financial modelling
Artificial intelligence algorithms
Secure data

How to buy NMR

Chain Factory
Cross-Chain Mechanism
Smart contracts

How to buy NULS

Technology to inspire distributed systems
Blockchain Architecture

How to buy NXS

On-chain Governance

How to buy NAS

Social Mining
Asset Management
Merchant Network

How to buy MITH

The easiest way to send money
Choose how you want to Pay
Get paid when you Pay

How to buy MTL

DeFi for crypto
Stable coins
Collateralized crypto loans

How to buy KAVA

Enables developers to launch ICOs
Customizable solutions
Lower transaction fees

How to buy KMD

Cross-blockchain communication
Blockchain powered internet-of-things (IoT)

How to buy IOTX

Network Token

How to buy DNT

Versatile Solutions

How to buy HOT

Open-source decentralized blockchain

How to buy HIVE

Ability to share computing power
Cloud provision

How to buy GLM

10x More Decentralized
100x Faster
1000x Less Energy

How to buy GO

Mass consumer token of appreciation
Create meaningful and long lasting connections
Enable the power of blockchain gifting.

How to buy GTO

Blockchain based platform
Revolutional technology
Smart contracts

How to buy GAS

Provably Fair
Smart Contracts
Low Cost

How to buy FUN

Autonomous solutions

How to buy FET

An acronym for “currency of the internet”, COTI is a blockchain protocol for decentralised payment processing and enables businesses and governments to issue their own coins. COTI also happens to be the name of its native cryptocurrency with a maximum supply of 2,000,000,000 coins.

How to buy COTI

Governance token
Liquidity pooling
Stable coin trading

How to buy CRV

Secure identity platform
Personal identity verification protocol
Time saving & trust inducing

How to buy CVC

Hybrid Intelligence Platform
Cindicator Bot

How to buy CND

Fast and Interactive
Low Cost
Novel Cryptoeconomics

How to buy CELR

Fastest block confirmations.
Virtually impossible to hack
Low Fees

How to buy BTS

Instant transaction finality

How to buy BAND

Decentralised Prediction Market Platform
Utilises the Ethereum Network
Makes prediction markets more accessible

How to buy REP


How to buy ARK

Federated blockchains
Enhanced scalability
Customized blockchain

How to buy AION

Energy Efficient
Blockchain Bloat Solution
Reliable & Easy to use Blockchain

How to buy ARDR

Built on Ethereum
100% traffic monetization
Multi-device ad serving

How to buy ADX

High Performance
Resource Segregation
Governance & Development

How to buy ELF