AVAXAvalanche price AUD (AVAX)

Avalanche price chart

The below Avalanche price chart tracks the price of Avalanche against AUD over time. The rate shown is indicative only as actual buy / sell rates depend on market liquidity and fees at the time of quotation.

Market cap


Volume 24hr



394.8M AVAX

Max supply

720.0M AVAX

What is Avalanche?

✓Smart contract platform ✓Decentralised applications ✓Blazingly fast

Avalanche, launched in 2020, is a high-performance, general purpose blockchain platform that supports decentralised applications and custom blockchain networks. Avalanche's architecture includes three individual blockchains (X-Chain, C-Chain, and P-Chain), each optimised for different tasks and using different consensus mechanisms. The platform is constantly developing interoperability features and has integrated with several Ethereum-based projects, enhancing its ecosystem.

How do I buy Avalanche?

  1. Deposit funds into your Cointree account using our fast and convenient options.
  2. Enter the amount of Avalanche that you would like to buy.
  3. Confirm your purchase and Avalanche will be instantly delivered to your Cointree account.

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Common Avalanche (AVAX) questions

We answer the most commonly asked questions in our quick beginner's guide to Avalanche.

Where can I buy Avalanche in Australia?

The best place to buy Avalanche is on an Australian crypto exchange like [Cointree](https://www.cointree.com/). At Cointree, we've built an easy-to-use platform that's trusted by tens of thousands of Australians. Along with 160+ other [digital currencies](https://www.cointree.com/trade/cryptocurrencies/), you can easily buy and sell AVAX in only a few clicks and at low cost.

How can I buy Avalanche?

It's easy to make your first Avalanche purchase on Cointree. All you need to do is create and verify your account, deposit funds with a bank transfer, and you're ready to buy. And when you use PayID for your bank transfer, the deposit clears instantly. It's as easy as a debit card payment. You can also sell Avalanche on our exchange in only a few clicks. When you put a sell order on our website, it's executed almost immediately. Overall, we have one of the easiest exchanges to buy/sell AVAX in the blockchain industry.

What is the AVAX token?

The AVAX token is the platform's unit of account that is used for staking in their unique consensus protocol and as payment for transactions. Much like the Australian dollar is used in our economy, the AVAX token is used in the Avalanche ecosystem. Beyond trading between investors, the token plays a key role, with validators securing the network by staking AVAX and processing transactions. Most validators on the proof of stake protocol are incredibly fast, which is why the Avalanche blockchain has such a low time to finality. Also, to calculate the market cap, you simply calculate the price by total supply. We automatically include this data on our site. As always, do your own research before buying Avalanche and make sure you consult a licensed financial professional for financial advice on the risk of investing in cryptocurrency.

Where can I store the AVAX coin?

You can store AVAX on your free multi-coin wallet on Cointree. You'll receive this wallet automatically when you sign up to begin trading. Alternatively, you can use a hardware wallet like Ledger to store your tokens.

Buy Avalanche (AVAX)

Use the price calculator below to enter the amount of AUD you want to buy in Avalanche. You can also switch to convert AVAX to AUD.


Why is Cointree the best place to buy Avalanche in Australia?

Easy and convenient

Easily deposit AUD with a bank transfer and see the current price clearly listed in the Australian dollar. Quickly see the market cap to help inform your purchasing decision.

Fast and affordable

Buy and sell Avalanche in seconds with low fees. With the option to make instant buys, you can respond to market changes quickly.

Highly secure

Buy Avalanche with confidence knowing that you're using an AUSTRAC regulated Australian exchange that's been operating since 2013 and is protected with bank-level encryption.

Personalised platform

An intuitive platform built for our members, featuring 100’s of coins and thousands of trading pairs. Plus, tracking of your portfolio performance can be done with ease.

What can you do with your Avalanche?

Deposit Avalanche

In just a few clicks, you can instantly deposit Avalanche into your Cointree account, ready for trading.


Many long-term investors buy Avalanche and hold it in their portfolio for extended periods. As the fastest smart contracts platform, they consider it to have significant upside potential.

Trade AVAX

Trade AVAX and swap it for other coins in the crypto market or for Australian dollars. You get some of Australia's lowest fees when you use our crypto exchange.


Once you buy Avalanche, you can easily send it to an external Avalanche wallet. Already, the open source platform has a strong ecosystem with multiple wallets.

Spend AVAX

You can spend AVAX and other digital currencies in some physical stores across Australia, much like you would whenever you use Australian dollars.

Learn About AVAX

Learn about the technologies that make the Avalanche platform so exciting in our [beginner's guide to crypto](https://www.cointree.com/learn/), including web3, smart contracts, DeFi, and decentralized applications.

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