Beginner Series

The roots of your crypto journey

Learn all about the cryptocurrency space in a series dedicated to those just starting out or looking to freshen up their crypto knowledge. We’ll help you decrypt the jargon, navigate the differences between bitcoin and altcoins, and master trading and investment principles.

Chapter 1

Cryptocurrency for beginners

Unearth the beginning of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology, and how to decrypt common jargon in the space.

In this chapter:

Chapter 2

Cryptocurrency and security

Keeping your cryptocurrency secure, the concept of mining, and facts on cryptocurrency hacks and regulations.

In this chapter:

Chapter 3

Comparing cryptocurrencies

Navigate the differences between bitcoin and altcoins, and uncover smart tips for comparing cryptocurrencies.

In this chapter:

Chapter 4

Cryptocurrency exchanges

Find out how an exchange works, how they're different to stock exchanges, and how to choose one that's right for you.

In this chapter:

Chapter 5

Start investing in cryptocurrency

Learn about trading and investment principles and the due diligence process when it comes to investing.

In this chapter:

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