Access deep liquidity on a world-class OTC crypto trading desk

Leverage our over-the-counter trading desk to access global markets at low prices

World Class OTC Desk

Access global markets and deep liquidity on our OTC trading desk

Leverage our OTC desk to trade large volumes in a vast off-market global liquidity pool with deeper liquidity and tighter spreads than what national exchanges can offer.


Protective measures on our established exchange include bank-level encryption and industry best practice security for institutional clients. We make sure your trade settlement is safe and secure, whether you're moving between fiat currencies and crypto assets.


Leverage our excellent OTC trading desk to access cryptocurrency at some of the leading liquidity providers and fast settlement for large volume trades of crypto assets. Our OTC service is here to meet all your trading needs.


Take advantage of our ability to tap into a vast off-market global liquidity pool and get the best market price when you execute large trades. While national services may have insufficient liquidity, our OTC trading services can support high volume trades and same day settlement.


A dedicated account manager is here to provide initial expert consultation and a personalised service for our OTC clients, including institutional traders, large-scale traders, corporate authorised representative, and high net worth individuals.


Get new over-the-counter investment ideas from the top performing portfolios

Analyse the top 100 portfolios of our highest-earning investors and top OTC trades over the past week and compare the performance of the digital assets in your institution's portfolio. Along with patented trading ideas and exclusive market updates from our Australian owned crypto OTC trading desk, you can help your organisation make successful large trades and outperform the market.

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How do I trade bitcoin OTC?

It's easy to start trading OTC with [Cointree]( All you need to do is sign up, go through our seamless onboarding process, communicate with your dedicated account manager, then confirm and complete your trade. Cryptocurrency exchanges have everything you need for successful trade execution, from asset support, one price execution, and fast settlement services.

What is bitcoin OTC?

Over-the-counter (OTC) trading takes place away from traditional exchanges. It's how high net worth individuals, institutions and private wealth managers can trade with each other directly. OTC cryptocurrency trading lets high volume traders execute a large trade size with minimal price slippage. It helps limit the impact of large trades on the open market price and minimises your exposure to market fluctuations.

Is it safe to trade OTC?

Yes, it's safe to make an OTC trade when you're dealing with traditional exchanges that are Australian owned and regulated. Experienced traders often choose to [buy and sell bitcoin](, [Ethereum]( and other cryptocurrencies through our OTC desk instead of exchange trading on open markets because they consider it the most secure and reliable option.

How do you buy bitcoin OTC?

It's easy to make OTC trades through our dedicated OTC desk. Your dedicated account manager will help you find the best price for your trades and execute them. Once you've created your account and onboarded, buying bitcoin in large volume can be as easy as making a phone call.

Can you sell bitcoin OTC?

Yes, you can [sell over 240 cryptocurrencies](, including bitcoin, through our dedicated trading desk. We'll work with you to get the best price for your coins with minimal slippage. Whether you're a high net worth individual, SMSF investor, or institution, we can help you make the best trades possible.