# Cryptocurrency & Bitcoin Referral Program Cointree offers one of the best referral reward programs globally. When someone clicks your referral link to buy crypto, you can effectively earn crypto. You earn commission by helping us invite the world to trade bitcoin and cryptocurrency on our platform. ## Invite new users and earn up to 70% commission, paid daily You receive 30-70% of the commission taken on each trade, depending on your current reward tier. The more members you refer, the greater your reward. ## How do I begin the crypto and bitcoin referral program? **1. Get your referral URL**\ Sign up, verify your account, and go to your [Referrals](https://trade.cointree.com/user/referrals) area to find your unique referral URL. That link is how we know to pay you a commission. **2.** **Invite new users**\ Invite people to Cointree using your referral link in articles, content or ads on your website. Invite them to trade crypto on our platform. **3. Earn commissions**\ When a new member joins Cointree to buy crypto using your referral URL, we pay you a commission so you can earn crypto.
Bronze 0.9%0.25%30%
Silver 0.8%0.2%40%$10,0002
Gold 0.7%0.15%50%$50,00010
Platinum 0.6%0.1%60%$200,00025
Diamond 0.5%0.05%70%$1,000,00050

Account tiers are automatically reviewed daily based on the following:
* Trade Volume (AUD) threshold is based on the past 30 days of buy, trade and sell volume.
** Referrals threshold is based on the past 30 days of new eligible referrals. Learn more.

## Which crypto exchange has the best program? Many of our affiliates have reported that Cointree offers the best program because of the high rewards we offer. They have also noted that our exchange is easy to trade on and we have excellent customer service, so the people they invite to our exchange are completely satisfied when they register with Cointree. How do I get started? It's easy to get started with Cointree. All you need to do is register, invite people with your referral link, then you receive rewards when they sign up and buy crypto. Get started right now by clicking on this link to [register an account](https://auth.cointree.com/Account/Register). Then you can register for the program and use your unique link to invite new users to our exchange. How do I claim my crypto bonus? Your earnings will be automatically calculated and reported daily on your [Referrals](https://trade.cointree.com/user/referrals) page. You will receive your pay automatically so you don't have to worry about claiming your commissions. This works as you're using a unique link to invite new users, so we'll be able to see when they register for an account on our exchange. Track your performance Monitor your daily performance and download detailed data to help you fine tune your affiliate strategy. Your [Referrals](https://trade.cointree.com/user/referrals) area gives you everything you need. ## Making trading easy for everyone since 2013 [Cointree](https://www.cointree.com/) is easy, fast and safe. With over 240 coins, multiple payment methods and low fees, Cointree is the best place to buy, sell and trade [bitcoin](https://www.cointree.com/buy/bitcoin/), alt-coins and all of your favourite [digital currencies](https://www.cointree.com/trade/cryptocurrencies/). We have served tens of thousands of Australians and that number is growing every day. As we continue to upgrade our exchange and improve our learning hub, the satisfaction of our members continues to climb.