# Cointree Fees Cointree offers some of the lowest fees in the market, globally. Our tiered approach suits all types of traders.
Standard 0.75%
Pro 0.6%$30,0003
Elite 0.5%$100,0009

Account tiers are automatically reviewed daily based on the following:
* Trade Volume (AUD) threshold is based on the past 90 days of buy, trade and sell volume.
** Referrals threshold is based on the past 90 days of new eligible referrals. Learn more.

### Deposit Fees **AUD/Money:** We provide a range of convenient deposit methods, including PayID, Online Bank Transfers and physical cash deposits at 1500+ locations around Australia. There are no fees for PayID and Online Bank transfers. **Cryptocurrency:** There are no fees for crypto deposits. ### Withdrawal Fees **AUD/Money:** There are no fees to withdraw AUD from your Cointree account to your Australian bank account. **Cryptocurrency:** Crypto withdrawals will incur a standard network fee. The fee is dynamic and determined by the network you are withdrawing to and can be influenced by congestion on the destination network. The fee will be listed on the cost breakdown found on the withdrawal coin page.