Blockchain Australia

Cointree is pleased to be a member of Blockchain Australia.

Blockchain Australia is the industry network for businesses implementing blockchain solutions. Blockchain Australia members work together to build understanding of the potential of blockchain technology, share best practice and engage with government and regulatory stakeholders.

More on Blockchain Australia

Blockchain Australia is a not for profit company limited by guarantee.

Blockchain Australia members are represented by a Board of up to 12 people elected or appointed for a two-year term. The Board exercises the formal governance functions of the association.

Each Blockchain Australia member may nominate a representative to the Blockchain Australia Industry Advisory Council which serves as the lead policy making body.

Members may also participate in individual Industry Working Groups which collaborate to develop policy recommendations and other initiatives in specific areas of common interest. Specialised functional working groups largely made up of representatives of partner members provide expert advice in the technical, regulatory and accounting domains.

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