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50.0B XLM

What is Stellar?

The future of banking
Finance with a mission
Fight poverty and maximize individual potential operates as a non-stock nonprofit organization. Their mission is to connect people to low-cost financial services to fight poverty and maximize individual potential.

The Stellar network refers to the technology that processes financial transactions. The technology is open source, distributed, and community owned. is the nonprofit organization that contributes to the development of tools and social good initiatives around the Stellar network and financial inclusion. Employees contribute code to the Stellar network, but the technology is independent of the organization.

Stellar is a platform that connects banks, payments systems, and people. Using the Stellar network, you can build mobile wallets, banking tools, smart devices that pay for themselves, and just about anything else you can dream up involving payments! Even though Stellar is a complex distributed system, working with it doesn’t need to be complicated. The token of Stellar is XLM. So when you decide to purchase Stellar you will buy XLM coin. Stellar’s intention is to be an altruistic payment network. It is a non-profit foundation that raised very little money and aims to be a ‘free for all’ payment network. This ethos maybe important to you when you are choosing between various cryptocurrencies. To buy XLM is to make an investment into a more humanitarian and equitable cryptocurrency. Stellar try to solve issues with international payments by allowing users to convert them into the digital currency, so they can send them as assets to the receiving party. The Stellar network is designed to make international payments and currency transfers swift and painless. Confirmations can happen within 3 seconds, and thousands of transactions occur every second. There is no explicit relationship between the Stellar network and the lumen token - XLM coin. That said, you are not able to participate in the network without holding some tokens. Therefore, it is necessary to buy XLM coin to take advantage of this payment network. Stellar provides access to reliable money, particularly in places where the local currency is uncertain. If you need to deal with geographical areas where there may be political strife, for instance, the decision to buy XLM is both reasonable and sound. When you buy XLM coin you’ll be joining dozens of financial institutions and tens of thousands of individuals who already issue assets and settle payments on Stellar. Already the Stellar public network and open source code have been live and in use for over three years. Sounding like a good idea? Perhaps you already have other cryptocurrencies and would like to buy XLM coin. Not a problem! Stellar makes assets liquid and flexible. You can swap between any pair of tokens issued on the network using simple functions built into the protocol. You’ll need to buy XLM to get started on the Stellar network. Many cryptocurrency exchanges make XLM coin available to their customers. Most will allow you to deposit your real world currently directly to buy XLM. Find an exchange that appeals to you and get started!

How do I buy Stellar?

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