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Cointree Crypto Market Update - March 2nd 2022

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What’s happening in the market?

A strong 48 hours puts most coins up for the week

Bitcoin held the AU$52,600 level through most of the week and then made a sharp ascent over the last 48 hours, closing up 16%. Impressively, the number of non-zero bitcoin addresses has hit an all-time high of 40 million.

Ethereum followed a similar pattern to bitcoin and is 13% up for the week. Similarly, Cardano is up 10%, Solana is up 14%, Avalanche is up 16%, and Polkadot is up 17%. Still, Terra massively outperformed the market and is up over 50%, close to its all-time highs.

Ukraine receives over AU$30 million in crypto donations

After posting bitcoin and Ethereum addresses on Twitter, Ukraine has now received over AU$30 million worth of cryptocurrencies. In a reply to the Ukrainian government's tweet, the founder of Polkadot Gavin Wood said he’d donate AU$6.8 million of Polkadot if they posted a DOT address. The government posted a DOT address and Wood promptly sent 298,367 DOT worth AU$8 million.

Ethereum scaling solution is ahead of schedule

zkSync announced the test network release of an Ethereum Virtual Machine compatible Zero-Knowledge rollup (zkEVM). It’s the first implementation of a ZK rollup capable of running the full Ethereum environment and is years ahead of schedule. 

Notably, a competing layer 2 protocol called StarkNet was launched on Ethereum. It also uses zero-knowledge proofs and can merge hundreds of transactions into one, drastically reducing fees for users. This technology has already been successfully deployed effectively on dYdX.

Technician’s Take

Bitcoin up 16% for the week

Bitcoin (BTC) held the AU$52,600 level mentioned in last week's column quite nicely and then made a sharp ascent over the last 48 hours, closing the week a respectable 16% up. Those that look at support and resistance levels in conjunction with volume will have noticed a very clean entry on the 24th, with a significant increase in volume.

With BTC now hanging above the previous support line of AU$58,500, it will be interesting to see if BTC will push further up past AU$62,400, or seek support a little lower. 

Bitcoin up 16% for the week

If we look back to the 24th of January, there was a similar setup. However, BTC took a fair few more days before making a similar push and this move has closed higher despite starting from very similar levels.

Moving Average Convergence Divergence (MACD) has made a bullish cross and the Relative Strength Index (RSI) is slightly oversold. From here, I’ll be watching for signs of a retrace to find support or another push through AU$62,400.

Beginners recap:

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