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Cryptocurrency and Self Managed Super Funds With BGL Simple Fund 360

We have recently partnered with BGL to enable seamless integration of cryptocurrency transactions into Simple Fund 360. Working with many SMSF customers and trustees, we understand the complexities involved with managing an SMSF, and our mission is to make this as easy as possible for accountants and individuals across Australia.

At Cointree, we aim to provide cryptocurrency education with our easy-to-read articles series. We explain the intricacies of this space in the aim to make things easier to understand. Our learning centre is the best place to start.

We have released a webinar with Jeevan Tokhi from the BGL that uncovers what is required to start investing into cryptocurrency, with an SMSF. We cover the basics of what is involved from a regulatory perspective and provide you with a brief overview of the Cointree platform. To access this webinar, view here.

If you have any customers who would like to know more about setting up their SMSF or Trust with Cointree, visit our SMSF page for further information and to sign up today!

For more information on how to access the BGL export, visit our support centre.

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