Beginner series

This one-stop, info-spot is packed full of easy-to-read articles. We use simple language to unravel the complexities of this space in the aim to make things easier to grasp.

Whether you are just getting started or a coin-stacking pro — we’ve got something for you to learn.

Chapter 1 - Cryptocurrency basics

Learn about how it all started, make sense of digital currency and learn how to "talk crypto" decrypt the jargon.

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Chapter 2 - Crypto security

Learn about the key to keeping your cryptocurrency secure, the concept of mining, the facts on crypto hacks and regulations.

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Chapter 3 - Bitcoin and altcoins

Learn about the difference between bitcoin and altcoins, smart tips for comparing cryptocurrencies, a guide for crypto beginners and keeping your cryptocrurrency safe.

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Chapter 4 - Cryptocurrency exchanges

Discover how an exchange work, how it's different stock exchanges, how to choose an exchange that's right for you and creating an account.

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Chapter 5 - Getting started

Learn about trading and investment principles and due dilligence process in investing.

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