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Withdrawals Now Available

Coin to coin trading & withdrawals are now available on the new platform.

This announcement sparks a chain reaction of exciting new features that are set to be unlocked over the coming weeks on; we will keep you in the know via email, blog posts and dashboard notifications ✅

One by one, features are set to be unlocked over the coming weeks!

Buy coin, sell coin, bill payments and much more are all features set to be brought over in the coming month. You will also enjoy seeing plenty of fresh additions pop up such as more altcoins, extra trading tools and education pieces!

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Have you signed up to our new platform yet?

Cointree’s brand new exchange is now ready for early access. supports coin to coin trading of altcoins and Bitcoin alike. The fresh new interface makes buying, selling and trading your coins both easy and enjoyable.

If you currently have an account with us here (.AU), you will need to create a new one on the new platform (.COM). This is because this site is still active, as is your account. We will be merging sites in the future.

Tip: Use the same email address — this makes for a smooth transition process when we merge the two sites in the future. It also means a lot less work for you (ie: no ID verification when the Buy coin feature is unlocked.)

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