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Welcome to the New Platform

We've rebranded and our new platform is full of exciting improvements so you can enjoy a simpler and smoother experience when you're trading!

So what's new? we've introduced new coins and fresh tools for trading. You will now be able to trade coin to coin, we have a healthy selection of altcoins with more to be added. View list

Daily portfolio tracker

Our new visual portfolio tracking feature lives nicely on your new dashboard. See your investments grow daily with more clarity.

Lowest fees!

We have the lowest fees in Australia and very competitive worldwide and, with our trade tier fees structure, you will see even further reductions.

Benefits of the new platform 

✅ Instant buys/sells
✅ Trade over 40 coins
✅ Daily portfolio tracker
✅ Extensive learning hub 
✅ Generous affiliate rewards
✅ Lowest fees in Australia and very competitive worldwide
✅ And much more to come!

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