Here is everything you need to know about the new Cointree trading platform and what it means for you, as an existing Cointree member.

Same Cointree + New platform = Better experience. 

Yep, we are still the same company. We are still based in sunny/cloudy Melbourne and still operate under the same values; providing a easy, fast and safe service.

For this transition period, the two platforms live side by side:

As you can see, soon enough (in the coming weeks), the new platform will be packed full of handy tools and useful learning resources.

Create a new account

You may be wondering why you have to create a new account seeing as you are already a member. This is simply because the .AU site is still active for the time being!

The good news: You will not need to go through the KYC & AML checks again.

No timely ID verification — simply create your new account & password with the same email address. This part is really fast.

Using the same email address for your new account additionally means the merging of your two accounts will be seamless in the future.


Via email and our blog, we will be letting you know as each feature is unlocked on your new platform — we aim to make this whole process smooth and simple.

To get started.

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