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Never Miss a Trade With Cointree’s Auto-Trading and Price Alert Features

With our new price alerts and auto-trading features, you can be alerted to market movements and automatically buy and sell cryptocurrencies. These auto buys and auto sells let you take control of your investments, limiting your risks and maximising your gains — without watching the market 24/7.

Alongside auto-trades, we’re also introducing price alerts. Price alerts let you monitor constantly, without having to keep your eyes glued to the charts. They can give you an edge when you’re trading, notifying you of key price movements so that you can react immediately and never miss a market move.

These features are some of many we’re adding to our platform to facilitate smarter trading, all part of our ongoing efforts to empower you to grow with the world of digital currency. Along with the learning hub and market updates, we’re launching auto-trades to help you grow your knowledge, grow your portfolio, and grow your wealth. 

In this product highlight, we'll cover why traders are so excited about these new features, exactly how the automated trades and price alerts work, and how you can start using them. Let’s dive into how they can help you trade smarter. 

Cointree’s auto-trades put you in control, helping you limit risks and maximise your gains without eyes on the charts 24/7. 

Our top traders are excited to start using this automated trading feature and there are four main reasons why. 

1. Take control of your trades. 

Auto-trading gives you the ability to trade the entry and exit points you define, anytime. This lets you lock in your profits and lessen your losses. Moreover, the extra control allows you to set up auto-buys without committing funds, so fiat in your wallet can be used for multiple scenarios you set. You’ll be ready to take advantage of a range of market conditions. 

2. Never miss a trading opportunity. 

Auto-trading means you can spend more time doing you and less time watching charts. With your auto buys and auto sells set, you can drift off to sleep or head off on vacation without worrying that you’ll miss a great buying opportunity. 

3. Trade smart, without emotion. 

It’s easy to get caught up in emotions when trading, which can lead to you making irrational decisions. By using auto buys and auto sells you can set your trades with a calm and collected mindset, ensuring you always stick to your game plan. 

4. Protect your investments while maximising gains. 

Auto trades let you protect yourself from the downside risks of crypto’s volatility while taking advantage of the upside. Auto sells can protect you from massive price movements and help you minimise losses, while auto buys can let you take advantage of large price swings and book profits. These tools can help you manage risks and grow your portfolio.

How does auto trading work?

Auto trades give you the power to buy and sell cryptocurrencies when you’re away from the computer. You can be fast asleep at 3 am or on a week-long hiking trip without any internet and your trades can still be executed. Essentially, you set a trigger price and the order will only be executed if the market hits that price. 

Firstly, how do auto buys work? 

Auto buys let you purchase a cryptocurrency at a specific set price. Simply choose the ‘Auto buy’ order type when buying any coin, specify how much you want to purchase, and set the price you want the buy order to be triggered. Then once the trigger price is met, your buy order will automatically happen, so you never miss an opportunity. Click here to see the full how to>

Now, how do auto sells work? 

Auto sells work the same way as auto buys, except they’re used when you’re selling coins rather than buying. Just choose the ‘Auto sell’ order type when selling any coin, specify how much you want to purchase, and set the price you want the buy order to be triggered. Once the trigger price is met, your sell order will automatically happen, helping you limit your losses and maximise your gains. Click here to see the full how to>

Monitor the markets 24/7 with Cointree’s price alerts

Cointree’s price alerts give you an edge, always ready to notify you of key price movements so that you can react immediately.

1. Gain an edge

Price alerts give you the competitive edge to get ahead. You can use them to set price alerts at key trading areas such as support and resistance levels, so you can improve your odds when swing trading and always be ready to take advantage of a breakout. With your price alerts set, you’ll never miss a market move again. 

2. Save time

Save time and let Cointree’s price alerts monitor the market on your behalf. Price alerts mean you can focus on what matters most since you don’t have to watch the charts all day. 

3. Take control

Stay up to date on your portfolio with automatic price alerts. Instead of wondering whether your portfolio value has changed, set up price alerts for coins in your portfolio and you’ll know immediately if there have been any meaningful price changes. 

4. React immediately

React to market changes instantly thanks to SMS and email notifications. You can be among the first to react to changing market conditions and get ahead of the crowd. 

How do price alerts work?

Price alerts are free notifications that automatically get sent to your email or phone whenever the price hits a set trigger point on any cryptocurrency that you’re watching. For example, you can set up a price alert for when bitcoin increases to AU$70,000 or drops below AU$60,000. You can use this to take advantage of key trading opportunities or simply keep aware of the market without watching the charts all day. 

You can also now set up price alerts in as little as a few clicks. First, you select the cryptocurrency you want to create an alert for then set the conditions for the price alert, including the trigger price, whether you want the alert to receive the alert when the price goes above or below the trigger price, and whether you’d like to be alerted via email, SMS or both. You can also add an expiration date for the alert if you’d like. Click here to see the full how to>

Trading smarter starts right now

The auto-trading feature and price alerts are now available. You can log into your account right now and set your first auto buys and auto sells. When the trigger price is hit, your order will be executed and you’ll have made your first auto buy or auto sell. You can also set up a price alert so you can immediately respond to market movements. As you continue to grow and develop your trading skills, these tools will become even more valuable as you grow your portfolio and your wealth.

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