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Important for existing members, please read

For existing members on the old platform, below is some important information in regards to our migration process from the old platform ( to the new platform (.com). 

Old platform -
New platform -

Benefits of the new platform 

✅ Instant buys/sells
✅ Trade over 40 coins
✅ Daily portfolio tracker
✅ Extensive learning hub 
✅ Generous affiliate rewards
✅ Lowest fees in Australia and very competitive worldwide
✅ And much more to come!

What is being migrated 

✅ Bank account details
✅ 2FA details
✅ ID verification status and ID photo
✅ Account balances (AUD, BTC, BCH) 
✅ Mobile number

What is not being migrated

❎ User settings
❎ Deposit history
❎ Bitcoin deposit address
❎ Purchase and sell history

Transaction History Download

You will still have access to the old platform, but it will be read access only. We will also add in a "transaction download" feature in future so you can download a copy of your transaction history from your old account. 

New Bitcoin Deposit Addresses 

Your new Bitcoin deposit address will be automatically generated for you. Please make sure you use your new deposit address moving forward and update any third party of your new address after migration.

Your Balances Securely Migrated

For a smooth automated migration of your balances, you will need to have a new account created on the new platform (.com) using the same email address as your old account (

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