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Top 16 Cryptocurrency Research Tools To Help You Find The Best Coins

What’s the secret of the most successful traders? They understand the market in-depth and make educated predictions as to where the market is heading next. With the right information, they identify the growing network, discover hidden gems, and find exciting trading opportunities. 

However, they don’t simply copy trading ideas from others; they go and check the data themselves. These crypto trading tools can help you see exactly what’s going on and help you grow your own portfolio. 

The best crypto research tools for traders and investors.

1. Total Locked Value (TVL) - Defi Llama

The Total Locked Value (TVL) is the total dollar value of the crypto assets deposited on a blockchain, decentralised application, or specific project. DeFi Llama tracks over 800 DeFi protocols from over 80 different blockchains. 

You can compare the TVL of:

  • Layer 1 blockchains
  • Decentralised apps
  • NFT projects

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2. Advanced trading charts with technical indicators - Cointree

With advanced candlestick trading charts and built-in technical indicators, you can get a detailed look at the market and keep ahead of the crowd. Moreover, you can annotate the charts as you do your own technical analysis. 

In just a few clicks, you can check the: 

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3. Bullish or bearish signals - Into The Block

IntoTheBlock offers real-time bullish and bearish signals for the top crypto assets. Specifically, they look at on-chain signals, exchange signals, and derivatives. While you have to sign up to receive the most detailed charts, you can view the basic charts for free. Furthermore, you can see their automatic price predictions for bitcoin.

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4. Top portfolios - Cointree

Discover hidden gems and buy the best performing portfolios from the top traders on our platform in just a few clicks. You can learn from the best, save time researching coins, and make gains like an experienced trader. 

You can use the top portfolio section to:

  • Find hidden gems
  • Diversify your crypto holdings in seconds
  • Compare the performance of your own portfolio

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5. Live market intel - Chainalysis

Chainalysis is a blockchain data platform that provides insights into cryptocurrencies. In their market section, they provide free coverage of bitcoin flows across the globe. You can see whether bitcoin is moving to or from exchanges and to which regions. 

See where bitcoin is moving with:

  • BTC inflows to exchanges
  • Change in BTC held on exchanges
  • BTC trade intensity
  • Regional BTC flows
  • Age of BTC held

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6. Cryptocurrency prices in AUD - Cointree

Check hundreds of cryptocurrencies prices in Australian dollars. You can see the smart contract platforms, metaverse tokens, DeFi assets, and more. With integrated pricing information, it’s easy to see which coins are performing best. 

In a click, you can see the:

  • Top gainers
  • Top losers
  • highest market cap, volume, and price 

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7. Financial metrics - Token Terminal

Token Terminal collects the financial data from blockchains and decentralised applications, then presents them in easy-to-understand financial metrics that can give you an overview of how a cryptocurrency is performing. You can check metrics commonly used to evaluate stocks, such as the price to earnings ratio.

Evaluate a cryptocurrency using: 

  • Total revenue
  • Protocol revenue
  • Price to sales ratio
  • Price to earnings ratio
  • Toal Locked Value (TVL)

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8. Portfolio tracker - Cointree

When you create an account with Cointree, you’ll automatically receive a free portfolio tracker available in your dashboard. You can quickly see how your portfolio is performing and then make a trade in seconds. Our portfolio tracker makes it easy to manage your crypto investments. 

Use the portfolio tracker to:

  • Quickly get an overview of your portfolio in Australian dollars
  • Track your performance over time
  • Compare your overall performance to specific assets

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9. Crypto events calendar - Coindar

Major events for a protocol, such as a key announcement, can be catalysts for major price moves—both upwards and downwards. With Coindar, you can filter the events by time frame, importance, reliability, and a specific cryptocurrency. 

Major events can include: 

  • Governance votes for a protocol
  • Major announcements
  • Hard forks

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10. Compare coins - The Coin Perspective

The market cap is one of the most used metrics for cryptocurrency investors. The Coin Perspective lets you quickly compare the market cap of coins and see what the price of a token would be if it reached an equivalent market cap. 

Beyond comparing coins, you can use the comparison tool to:

  • Set a target price
  • Input a customer market cap
  • Input a custom circulating supply

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11. Crypto Fear and Greed Index - Cointree

The Crypto Fear and Greed Index gives investors and traders a quick overview of the current market sentiment. It’s often used as a tool to help determine when to enter or exit a position. 

Here are a few ways trades use the Crypto Fear and Greed Index: 

  • Extreme fear is sometimes an indication the market is due for a correction.
  • Extreme greed can be a warning signal the market is getting overheated.
  • Neutral levels can signal it’s a good time for range-bound swing trading. 

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12. Social signals - LunarCrush

LunarCrush analyses social media platforms to monitor the sentiment of millions of crypto investors and traders in real-time. While there can be a lot of noise when scrolling through your social accounts, LunarCrush can help separate the signal from the noise. 

Check a coin’s social signals, such as:

  • Social volume
  • Social engagement 
  • Social dominance

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13. Visual overview - Coin360

Get a quick visual overview of how the market is performing. Easier to read than a list of coins, you can quickly see which coins are or aren’t performing well. 

You can see exactly what you want thanks to filters for: 

  • Time period
  • Market cap size
  • Gainers and losers
  • Specific market sectors

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14. Filter crypto news - CryptoPanic

CryptoPanic is a crypto news aggregator platform that lets you find the exact type of news you’re looking for. Whether you’re looking for trending coins, bearish signals, or updates on a specific cryptocurrency, you’ll find it on CryptoPanic. 

Filter the crypto news by: 

  • Bullish news
  • Bearish news
  • Media type
  • Recency

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15. Daily Bytes - Cointree

Get the most important news in the crypto industry delivered straight to your inbox every morning. The crypto space is constantly evolving, so it’s important that investors and traders stay up to date on the latest news. The Daily Bytes let you do that in just a few minutes every day. 

Receive the most important crypto news in your inbox, including:

  • Latest crypto news
  • Project highlights
  • 24h price changes in AUD

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16. Developer activity - CryptoMiso

CryptoMiso shows the number of commits made on Github for popular cryptocurrencies. Essentially, it shows how hard programmers are working to improve a network and build new dApps. 

With CryptoMiso, you can:

  • See the exact number of commits that have been made. 
  • Check how many contributors are working on the protocol.
  • Visualise how the commits are changing over time. 

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The more you know, the more you grow

These crypto trading tools can help you learn more about specific cryptocurrencies and identify exciting trading opportunities. More importantly, they’ll help you improve your knowledge and become a smarter trader. Along with this guide to the best crypto trading tools, we provide a comprehensive learning hub to help everyone, from complete beginners to expert traders, improve their skills. At Cointree, we’re here to help you grow. 

Disclaimer: Information provided is for educational purposes and does not constitute financial product advice. You should obtain independent advice from an Australian financial services licensee before making any financial decisions.

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