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Excellence in customer support from a dedicated team of Australian crypto experts helps make us the best Australian crypto exchange for digital currencies. Support is available via our helpdesk, live chat, phone, and email.


Australian exchanges are regulated under the Australian Government's AUSTRAC Digital Currency Exchange Register. We have the most comprehensive compliance program of any crypto exchange in Australia that ensures your account and your funds are kept safe and secure.
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Utilise our resources and services to help your clients understand the benefits of diversifying into cryptocurrencies.
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Leverage our OTC trading desk to access a vast off-market global liquidity pool that exceeds what national exchanges can provide.
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Growing your wealth with a leading Australian cryptocurrency exchange

We’re here to empower you to trade smarter and grow your portfolio on one of the best crypto exchanges in Australia. As you expand your knowledge about the world of cryptocurrency and investing, you can apply what you’ve learned on our crypto trading platform and grow your wealth. And with support at every step of the way. Your trading journey starts with how to buy your first cryptocurrency and progresses to advanced trading strategies. Along the way, you’ll learn all about the crypto space, including the exciting world of web3, how oracles connect crypto to the real world, and the endless opportunities of decentralised finance. Whether you are a complete beginner crypto trader or a more experienced trader familiar with an Australian cryptocurrency exchange, we have a hub of educational resources and guides to help you learn about digital assets and trade cryptocurrencies confidently. Trading smarter means trading with the right tools. When you buy cryptocurrency on Cointree, you’ll have access to a range of features, including auto-trades and the lowest trading fees, so you never miss a buying opportunity on our Australian cryptocurrency exchange. You can also leverage price alerts to monitor the market for you 24/7, so you can react immediately and take advantage of key price movements. Combining unique insights and the right crypto exchange, anyone can become successful trading crypto. With almost one in five Australians invested in [bitcoin]( and other cryptocurrencies, and more and more joining them every day, we’re here to help every Aussie grow with the world of crypto.

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We believe the testimonials from our members reflect our commitment to providing an easy-to-use trading platform, patented trading ideas, and tailored services for both individuals and [institutions](
By far the best provider in Australia. They have decent enough fees and make the whole process of trading Bitcoin relatively hassle free and easy

Emma N.

Trusted, established, and great customer support with competitive pricing. Also hosted in the most Crypto Friendly country in the world :)

Michael C.

I left another provider because I hated how complicated things were with them, but Cointree has so far been a walk in the park compared to them.

Margaret A.


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Analyse the top 100 portfolios of our Australian crypto exchanges' highest-earning traders over the past week and get an overview of their best-performing coins. With portfolio tracking, you can compare the performance of your own crypto portfolio and identify trading pairs, trending crypto assets, and other opportunities to buy, sell and trade. Armed with patented trading ideas, advanced trading features, and exclusive market updates from our trading desk, you can make smarter trades when [buying and selling cryptocurrency]( For example, based on momentum-driven moves, you may spot an opportunity to convert some [Ethereum]( to a faster-rising coin for a successful short-term trade. Having so many different features to help your trading, you're more likely to make smart decisions to build your portfolio and grow your wealth. This helps make us the best cryptocurrency exchange for everyone. Whether you’re a complete crypto trading beginner or expert trader, these top performing portfolios can help you trade smarter on our cryptocurrency trading platform.