Price ticker widget

Add a crypto price ticker to your website.

Example: Dark theme auto-scrolling with all coins

Example: Dark theme manual-scrolling with all coins

Setup instructions

  1. Add the following styling and code snipits to the top of your page.

    <href="" rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" />
    <script src=""></script>

  2. Add the price ticker widget in your preferred location on your page.

    <div class="price-ticker" data-currency="aud" data-coins="btc,eth,xrp,ltc,bch"></div>


Attribute Description
data-theme Indicates the theme to use.
Possible values are "dark" or empty (light theme).
data-scroll Indicates if the ticker should auto-scroll.
Possible value is "true" or empty (no auto-scroll). Only used for dark theme.
data-coins Indicates the coins to display on the ticker.
Possible values are a comma seperated list of coin symbols ("btc", "btc,eth,ltc", "btc,xrp,etc,ltc,bch", etc.). Leave blank for all coins supported by Cointree.
data-currency Indicates the local currency to display the prices.
Value should be "AUD".


View the source HTML of this page for how the examples were created.