Price ticker widget

Add a crypto price ticker to your website.

Example: Dark theme auto-scrolling with all coins

Example: Dark theme manual-scrolling with all coins

Setup instructions

  1. Add the following styling and code snippets to the top of your page.
  2. Add the price ticker widget in your preferred location on your page.


Attribute Description
data-theme Indicates the theme to use.Possible values are "dark" or empty (light theme).
data-scroll Indicates if the ticker should auto-scroll.Possible value is "true" or empty (no auto-scroll). Only used for dark theme.
data-coins Indicates the coins to display on the ticker.Possible values are a comma separated list of coin symbols ("btc", "btc,eth,ltc", "btc,xrp,etc,ltc,bch", etc.). Leave blank for all coins supported by Cointree.
data-currency Indicates the local currency to display the prices.Value should be "AUD".


View the source HTML of this page for how the examples were created.