We're excited to have partnered with My SMSF, a reputable and established SMSF administration provider that has extensive experience in cryptocurrency investing using your super. My SMSF also offers some of the best and most updated content around crypto and SMSFs online, so educate yourself and start investing into cryptocurrency using your super today!

Bitcoin SMSF Investing

Bitcoin, Ethereum and Ripple are some of the most famous digital or crypto currencies in the world. This emerging asset class is generating a lot of interest due to the following beneficial characteristics

  • Its uncorrelated to other markets and assets
  • It is the hottest investment now, with nearly 10 years of market history
  • It is a hedge against market uncertainty and a store of value and exchange

Crypto assets are becoming more popular for SMSF investors. The first stop for SMSF crypto investors is a check of your current SMSF Deed. Make sure there are no restrictions on derivatives and leverage assets. If you are setting up a new fund, it would be ideal to get a deed that recognises crypto investments, however all hope is not lost for existing smsf’s that have crypto assets.

For more information on investing in Bitcoins and Cryptocurrencies with a super fund, please go to our website.

Why Choose My SMSF?

My SMSF is a specialist SMSF administration provider for niche assets. Crypto, Property, Metals and Diamonds are areas of practice we have a passion for and specialise in.

✓Certified Bitcoin Professional ✓Experience - 3 years in cryptocurrency market investments and ecosystem ✓SMSF Crypto Audit Specialist ✓SMSF Crypto Deed with specific clauses for crypto investing ✓Our auditors are conversant with Bitcoin investing in a SMSF ✓We offer one of the cheapest SMSF Bitcoin Administration services in the country

Please Note: Our Service is an ‘Execution Only Service’ we do not provide advice on crypto investments. Please seek Financial, Legal and Tax advice before investing in cryptocurrencies.

My SMSF Crypto Ebook

We have created a simple Crypto Ebook to help guide you through your cypto and smsf journey. The purpose of this guide is to shed light on some of things SMSF members need to be mindful of, when investing in crypto assets via an SMSF or what the super laws say


About My SMSF

We provide our services to clients all over Australia by using technology to create efficiency and by using our proprietary software and by communicating via, email, phone and Skype to maintain relationships with our clients. We are a 100% cloud-based administration business that offers services at great fixed prices, no hourly fees, asset-based fees or fees per transaction.

My SMSF property is 15% owned by a group of private investors and 85% owned by its stakeholders. By acting as your administration hub, we provide reporting, education and ancillary services for SMSF members and their funds.

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