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Which Coins Can I Deposit Into Cointree?

Bitcoin (BTC)
Bitcoin Cash (BCH)
Ethereum (ETH)

Think of BTC, BCH and ETH as ‘pairing’ or primary currencies. You are able to receive (deposit) these three coins directly into your Cointree account from;an external wallet, a different digital currency exchange, or the site.


Once you have an active BTC or ETH account in Cointree (with currency in these accounts),you can now trade this currency with altcoins that are supported on the platform. See supported coins.

For now, you will use ETH & Bitcoin to trade with alternative coins.

Here are some examples:

Ethereum → EOS → Bitcoin Cash → Tron
Bitcoin → Populous → Ethereum → OmiseGo
Bitcoin Cash → EOS → Bitcoin → Vechain → Bitcoin

At this point in time, it is not yet possible to trade directly from Tron → EOS for example, you would need to use a ETH, BCH or BTC as a pairing currency. This feature is soon to come!

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