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Cointree’s Australian crypto staking service featuring great rewards and low fees is coming soon. Register now to gain exclusive access when it launches.

We’ve been on a mission to help Australians grow with crypto since 2013, and we’re constantly looking for new ways to continue this mission. With an increasing use of proof-of-stake blockchains, new opportunities are becoming available to crypto investors and for us to help our customers grow, enter crypto staking.

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Why stake with Cointree

Earn rewards from your crypto holdings and shape the future

Maximise your holding and earn rewards for staking coins back into the network.

Easy access

Gain the ability to stake coins with low amounts of crypto held, so even the smallest holdings can grow.

Passive income

Generate an income from staking your crypto back into the network and maintaining the network’s security and efficiency.

Regular rewards

Earn rewards regularly which can be added to your staked amounts and earn greater yields.

Growth no matter

Crypto staking with CointreeEarn helps you to enjoy hassle-free growth, no matter whether the market is up or down.

Common questions

FAQs about staking

When will Cointree’s staking service be available?

Crypto staking with Cointree will be available soon. It’s still a very new space for Australia, but we’re working with the industry and internal teams to be one of Australia’s first crypto staking services, offering customers another way to grow their wealth with the world of digital currencies.

Is staking worth it?

Cointree conducted a survey of 770 crypto purchasers and found that more than 80% of those who had staked found it beneficial, most of whom strongly believing so.

What is the minimum amount that will be staked?

CointreeEarn aims to be a staking service available for holdings of any size, whether that’s a small amount of Ethereum or a lot.

How is staking taxed in Australia

According to the ATO, earning tokens from the activity of staking them are considered to be personal income and taxed appropriately. For more information, it’s best to refer to the [ATO website](