Cointree offers some of the lowest fees in the market, globally. Our tiered approach suits all types of traders.

Account Tiers

Tiers Benefits Unlocked by
Buy/Sell Coin Coin-to-Coin Trades Referral Commission Trade Volume (AUD) Referals
Bronze 0.9% 0.25% 30%
Silver 0.8% 0.2% 40% $10,000 2
Gold 0.7% 0.15% 50% $50,000 10
Platinum 0.6% 0.1% 60% $200,000 25
Diamond 0.5% 0.05% 70% $1,000,000 50

Deposit Fees

Fiat/Money: We provide many convenient fiat deposit methods (varies per country). While we don't charge any fees for fiat deposits, some payment providers may charge a fee. In these cases, their fee will be listed on the cost breakdown found on the deposit page.

Cryptocurrency: There are no fees for cryptocurrency deposits.

Withdrawal Fees

Fiat/Money: There are no fees to withdraw AUD from your Cointree account to your Australian bank account.

Cryptocurrency: Withdrawals may have a standard transaction (mining) fee. The fee is dynamic based on network conditions of the respective blockchain. The fee will be listed on the cost breakdown found on the withdrawal coin page.

Purchase Limits

The minimum purchase amount is AUD $20. Purchase limits are generally up to AUD $10,000 per day, and AUD $20,000 per week (varies by customer). Higher limits are available on request by contacting our support team.