We have partnered up with our pals at Gobbill in order to provide our members with a fast, smooth and efficient bill payments service. Gobbill use Artificial Intelligence to automate bill payments for households and small businesses, pretty awesome stuff.

Gobbill and Cointree bill payment now available!

This collaboration means your everyday household or company bills can be paid with digital currency as well as traditional fiat.

This is a great opportunity for both companies to use each others strengths to deliver a digital payment service that is easy, fast and safe for our members. Learn more here

About Gobbill Australia Pty Ltd

Gobbill™ is a digital finance assistant that automates bill payments using artificial intelligence for households and small businesses. Users are protected from online scams, avoid late fees, maximise discounts and protect their credit rating scores. Small businesses have the additional benefit of digitising invoices, scheduling payments and synchronising data with their accounting software.

After two years of R&D, the company launched its automated bill payment process for public use. It is now investing further R&D in AI to help customers easily switch service providers and save money using its One-Click-Switch™ method.

Founded in 2015, Gobbill can pay bills issued from any Australian provider including utilities, telecommunications, council rates, insurance and more. Gobbill is a Microsoft Startup sponsored company, a partner of the Australian Government’s cyber safety initiative, AI partner of Silverpond and member of Stone & Chalk.

For further information, see gobbill.com