Do you want to discover the proven 5 Pillar Process to SAFELY creating wealth in cryptocurrencies?

The truth is, we are going through one of the biggest financial shifts in history.

And there has never been a better time to understand how to safely invest and diversify than right now.

There are more new investors flooding in than ever before, they have seen the opportunity.

The problem is most investors will fail. Why?

Lack of knowledge and being overloaded with information on the internet. The potential of being scammed as they are moving into unknown territories. Not knowing how to safely manage their assets. This is not like stock market and property investing. No proven investment strategies in place to capitalise. Not having a process when choosing the right investment opportunities, consistently.

So, we have partnered with Joe Shew, founder of Crypto Consulting Institute, who is a leader in the cryptocurrency education sphere and over the last few years has been helping investors like you, safely create wealth. Joe has created an in-depth online Masterclass that covers the proven 5 Pillar Process to minimising risks and maximise returns in the world of cryptocurrencies.

You might have seen Joe on Channel Nine, Ten or Dollars With Sense TV, or watched him speak at one of the major Blockchain Australia events. He also runs personalised cryptocurrency investment workshops across Australia, New Zealand and the UK and has featured alongside some of the biggest names in cryptocurrencies. Check him out on Google, and the results his clients are getting on his YouTube page.

The self-paced online Masterclass covers everything you MUST KNOW to Safely create WEALTH in cryptocurrencies. Understand when to cash-out your profits and enter in to the market (based on data, not opinions). The different ways to SAFELY protect your assets and need to know processes to eliminate unnecessary risks most investors are still taking. The underlying secret to being an ultra successful cryptocurrency investor. The different ways to buy and sell, with exclusive opportunities from partners, only accessible through the Masterclass. A 10-part checklist on how to identify life-changing opportunities and avoid scams, tax management document and research links and tools to increase your levels of success. Exams to test your learning and written feedback on assignments. And more need to know content. You will get ongoing access to the Masterclass and any updates made.

This has been professionally created and Joe has presented the content in a simplified way that the day to day person will understand.

What is even more exciting, Joe is kind enough to offer a special promotion, exclusive to Cointree customers. For the first 20 people that sign up, you will get a 25% discount. Message the team at CCI on the link below to access your exclusive discount code.

Start creating wealth in cryptocurrencies, whilst minimising your risk, today.

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