Some exchanges tend to convolute trading when all they should be doing is empowering you without getting in your way.

Why switch to Cointree?

Trading shouldn't be complicated

There's two types of exchanges; ones that throw every bit of data at you in a total mess without care, and ones that are too simple to really be called an exchange. At Cointree, we've spent countless hours working with new and experienced traders to understand what they need to get trading efficiently. Our streamlined trading pages provide mistake free trading that is always executed at the best possible price. Simply select a cryptocurrency, enter an amount, and go!

Trading shouldn't be expensive

Here’s something exchanges don't want you to know...the cost of trading is more than just the displayed price. There are many factors that determine the final cost of a trade, such as exchange liquidity, order book depth and trading fees. Some exchanges can appear cheap until you look at their the depth of their order books - meaning that every trade is more likely to move the market and cost you more than the current price (known as slippage). Other exchanges have been known to silently charge fees so that their trades look cheap.

Have you ever seen any exchange confident enough to provide a 100% transparent breakdown quote before every single trade? Neither have we. So we built one. We source our cryptocurrencies from many of the global leaders and receive discounted rates, which we pass directly on to our members. We're so confident of our prices that we provide a 100% transparent quote on every trade. Trade with confidence, every trade.

Trading shouldn't be guesswork

With over 280 cryptocurrencies to pick from, how can anyone really know which cryptocurrencies might be worth their attention? At Cointree, we tackled this challenge head on. Introducing Cointree's portfolios. A free analysis for everyone. At a glance, see which cryptocurrencies have been outperforming the market. Filter or exclude certain ones to find something of interest. See an unfamiliar cryptocurrency? A quick tap takes you to a dedicated page to learn about its price history, statistics, and news.

Cointree members can also receive our weekly market update, containing market analysis, global news highlights, and summary of the popular and trending cryptocurrencies. Combined with the Learning Hub, a curated series of articles great for learning everything about cryptocurrency, we empower you to make smarter and more educated trading decisions.

How does Cointree compare?

Cointree Others*
Low fees
Mistake free trading
Transparent quotes
Instant delivery
280+ cryptocurrencies
Multicoin wallet
Personal portfolio tracker
Best performing portfolios
Extensive learning hub
Detailed info and stats on every coin
Great support
Tax time friendly

*We've evaluated the common features across most popular exchanges. This should be treated as an indicator only and you should make your own comparisons with any specific exchange that you are familiar with.

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