We are excited to announce that we have partnered up with Everything Crypto Australia and endorse The Crypto Currency Primer course.

The Crypto Currency Primer course, is a 1-hour online course that is perfect to cover the essentials to start learning or refining your knowledge of cryptocurrency. The course gives you a solid foundation of knowledge to work from if you wish to go deeper into the crypto space or to broaden your already established perspective.

Cointree members will receive a 50% discount on the course, at the end of the course you will receive a certification to acknowledge your participation.

About Everything Crypto Australia

Here at Everything Crypto Australia we have one focus: providing cryptocurrency education that is easy to understand, quick to learn, and endorsed by industry leaders.

By now most people have heard the term Bitcoin or cryptocurrency before. But when it comes to actually learning more about them, the information out there is either so complex and hard to understand or so overwhelming and at times contradictory that it can seem an impossible task.

This is why we have created our flagship online offering, The Cryptocurrency Primer Course - a clear, concise and accessible overview of the cryptocurrency space from its inception to today.

In The Cryptocurrency Primer Course, we have taken the complex tech-talk and put it into terms and contexts that everyone can grasp. We separate fact from fiction and make a concerted effort to dispel the myths and misinformation to ensure that you are armed with accurate details in order to better understand and educate yourself about cryptocurrencies.

We don’t just claim this though. In fact, we have sought industry approval for our content.

The Cryptocurrency Primer Course is the only entry-level course in Australia to be endorsed by the industry body ADCA (Australian Digital Commerce Association), which means that you can trust that what you learn is factually correct, relevant and industry approved.

For more info visit www.everythingcrypto.com.au