Cointree is proudly partnered with the cryptocurrency brokerage firm, Caleb & Brown.

This partnership will see both companies providing complimentary services for different segments of the cryptocurrency market. Cointree’s platform caters for new investors and the more conventional investor. While Caleb and Brown provides tailored services to the high net worth and more advanced investor.

This partnership greatly benefits any of our high net-worth members who would like a smooth and easy process when it comes to making large investments of up to $5 million per individual trade in digital currency.

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Caleb and Brown is a boutique consultancy firm providing tailored digital currency solutions and access for a niche investor population in the Australian market. Their experienced brokerage team take clients through a full process, including information and education, wallet setup and security, buying using any major fiat currency, assisting clients with diversification and rapid liquidation of their positions into fiat currency for the concerned investor.

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