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News and tidbits from the Cointree team.

Digital Currency Exchange of the Year finalist!

The team at Cointree are excited to announce that we are finalists for the **Digital Currency Exchange of the Year** in the inaugural Austra… Read more


Welcome to the new platform

We've rebranded and our new platform is full of exciting improvements so you can enjoy a simpler and smoother experience when you're trading...

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Important for existing members, please read

For existing members on the old platform, below is some important information...

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Sell coin now available on Cointree

Sell coin feature unlocked.

We're excited to announce that our sell coin feature is now available on the new platform.

You can now cash...

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New Cointree Exchange Fees

With the release of our Buy Coin feature, we are also introducing new fees to our new platform. Read more

Buy coin now available on Cointree

ou can now purchase Bitcoin (BTC) directly from your dashboard! ✅

In case you've missed it, our Internet / mobile banking purchase limits...

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