Thinking you might like to buy ZEC? What the heck is ZEC?!? Glad you asked! Let’s get into some of the pertinent nitty gritty.

ZEC is the token or coin for Zcash. Zcash is known as a decentralised open source type of cryptocurrency which offers great transaction privacy by using zero-knowledge cryptography. Transaction is shielded, and it hides the sender, the recipient and the amount of the transaction on public blockchain – only some participants are in transactions and the exact amounts are typically hidden. As the need for anonymity increases online, people are looking for solutions other than Bitcoin to Zcash (ZEC) is one such solution in what are globally known as privacy coins. As people (and governments) start realising that Bitcoin doesn’t supply true anonymity, the popularity of privacy coins are definitely going to continue to rise. Zcash is actually a top 3 contender in 2020. Another point of view, however, is that while ZCash and its ability to provide a private transaction environment when you buy ZEC have been an attractive proposition for investors, the cryptomarket is changing and more and more exchanges are calling for disclosure of identification. Much of this has stemmed from regulatory pressure, with governments and central banks imposing rules on exchanges relating to money laundering and “know your customer,” with exchanges being threatened with closure if they fail to meet the ever-changing regulatory landscape. What do you do if you’ve decided to go ahead and buy some ZEC coin? bigger cryptocurrencies it isn’t that difficult to find a cryptocurrency exchange that will enable you If you don’t already possess bitcoin or ethereum - two of the major cryptocurrencies - you might prefer to use your real world currency as a starting point to buy ZEC. exchange that will allow you to deposit your real world currency directly into a crypto wallet. You can then use that to directly buy ZEC coin. May as well save yourself some transaction fees! Given the nature of individual decreasing privacy as a result of our online world, you might feel that investing in a platform that helps to protect your privacy is a valuable asset. Perhaps you won’t be alone in this thinking and you and many others will buy ZEC and show that to buy ZEC coin is a worthy investment endeavour.