Waltonchain is building an ecosystem that melds blockchain, RFID technology, and IoT (Internet of Things).

The Walton team often develops and produces the Transaction ID-reading RFID chips, that can generate random ID hashes which are uploaded simultaneously to the blockchain via their RFID reader. This translates to an enhanced operational efficiency, that, especially for supply chain use cases such as high-end clothing identification, some food & drug traceability, and other logistics tracking.

Waltonchain is a joint Chinese and Korean project that aims to combine blockchain technology and radio frequency identification (RFID) to track items and improve supply chain management. Walton does seek to seamlessly blend with the people and digital reality through the Value Internet of Things (VIoT).

The token used for some circulation and the payment within the Walton ecosystem is the Walton Coin (WTC), which is used to issue subchains, provide dividend interest and act as a credit and mortgage system.

By attaching small RFID tags with unique IDs to objects, those objects can easily be identified with information logged on the blockchain. This will allow companies to track all their products on blockchain, with an end goal being to improve supply chain management and quickly stop the production and sale of counterfeit goods. All noble and valid reasons to buy WTC.

Walton’s Chinese and Korean developers hope their technology will be able to streamline the entire supply chain process, from the manufacturer right through to retail experience. If you buy WTC you are buying into a blockchain system that will have significant real-world applications. Think monitoring the transportation of products and eliminating counterfeit products, keeping track of stock in-store and tracking purchase preferences of buyers. Waltonchain technology could potentially offer benefits across a number of industries - think fashion and clothing, storage, logistics and shipping, liquor, automotive, retail and waste management. And, when you buy WTC and move into the network, potentially many more.

When you buy WTC the tokens are used for circulation and payment in the Waltonchain ecosystem. WTC’s main uses include issuing sub-chains, paying dividend interest, providing a credit and mortgage system and distributed asset exchange.

As with most cryptocurrencies, when you decide to buy WTC, the best way is to buy WTC is through establishing an account with a cryptocurrency exchange. It is always advisable to do your homework and decide on your list of priorities when choosing an exchange from who to buy WTC. Look for one that is well established and offers many services - in particular, great customer assistance.