WePower sounds like a political slogan for a popular mass movement! In fact, that’s not far from reality.

WePower is a company that aims to connect companies directly with green energy producers so that most of the companies, no matter what size, can buy green energy at fixed, below-market rates with full transparency. Sounds pretty cool, doesn’t it! And very ‘on topic’ for our modern world climate issues.

WePower is known as a blockchain-based green energy trading platform which connects energy buyers (households and investors) directly with green energy producers. Users of this platform will be able to buy and sell energy using it, to eliminate middlemen, make better use of generated power, and to achieve better rates for everyone involved.

The token or coin used by the WePower system is WPR. The WPR token functions as a payment method on the WePower Network, which aims to standardise and enhance liquidity of the existing energy investment ecosystem, thereby translating into the reduced prices for network participants.

Investors can also benefit from WPR blockchain by investing in some various power plant's production levels. All of this is powered by smart contracts in a trustless system. This energy now becomes an asset that can be bought or sold by those who are interested in putting their money into the sector - that is deciding to buy WPR.

Of course, like most things, WePower is not the sole player in this field. However, WPR holds it own by offering their own unique set of benefits to potential investors. This asset also has a fairly low supply, and it is sitting at a very attractive entry price point. All good reasons to buy WPR.

If you decide to include WePower in your cryptocurrency portfolio and buy WPR - you’re in luck! Many crypto exchanges offer trading in WPR. However, some may not allow direct purchase of WPR with your real-world currency and may require the purchase and then trading of the more major crypto coins - like bitcoin or ethereum. Of course, each trade does incur transaction fees, so make sure you know how your chosen exchange operates before you buy WPR from them. WePower utilises the Ethereum blockchain so you’ll be able to store your WPR coin in a crypto wallet designed for ethereum. Most exchanges will provide that for you but you’ll achieve greater security for your cryptocurrency by moving your WPR to a ‘hard’ offline storage device.