Like some others, Syscoin is an open-source cryptocurrency based on blockchain. It features the world’s first decentralised marketplace. It is also a decentralised database, an altcoin, a distributed ledger and a global blockchain network. With such a broad spectrum of applications it makes good sense to buy sys.

The SYS coin, or Syscoin cryptocurrency is heavily based on what's known as Bitcoin. But it brings on additional functionality not present in its parent cryptocurrency. It uses a suite of smart contracts which are built using the Bitcoin scripting system. Syscoin is a decentralised cryptocurrency and a great blockchain-based online platform specialising in peer-to-peer trading of goods and services and payment processing. The Syscoin cryptocurrency offers close to zero-cost financial transactions and provides all kinds of businesses the infrastructure for trading of goods, assets, digital certificates, contracts, etc. One of the main features of the project is opportunity to employ the native Syscoin token in order to complete nearly zero-fee transactions, eliminating the middlemen and providing the opportunity for savings for all participants in online trade. Syscoin (SYS) is a blockchain’s answer to a lot of the traditional marketplaces and e-commerce platforms, like Amazon, eBay, and so on. With sys coin you can definitely trade goods and services in an environment similar to Ebay or Amazon but run through the Syscoin wallet on a decentralised, immutable and transparent blockchain. So should you buy sys? Well, let’s look at the way online trading with the likes of Amazon and eBay have exploded over the last handful of years. It would definitely be hard to mount an argument that this trend won’t continue. And if consumers and online retailers could do this in secure a way that minimised or eliminated fees - well why wouldn’t they choose to do so? If you buy sys you’re perhaps investing in a major purchasing option of the not too distant future. Your decision to buy sys could very well be one you have no regrets about. The Syscoin platform allows users to create some of their own tokens to be used for trade. The platform claims to be the world’s first decentralised marketplace for everyone, in which users from anywhere can participate buy sys and sell goods and services. Since the possibilities of what you can build on the Syscoin platform are limited by your imagination it is not hard to speculate that it will be a platform that will be widely utilised and a decision to buy sys will prove a profitable one in the long run.