The Stratis cryptographic token (STRAT) fuels the Stratis Platform and acts as a value transfer vehicle in the Stratis marketplace.

The Stratis cryptographic token (STRAT) fuels the Stratis Platform and acts as a value transfer vehicle in the Stratis marketplace.

Stratis believes that its blockchain is part of the future Internet of Value, which will create a new basis of trust between entities, groups, and individuals. When you buy strat this is what you are buying into - a company with it’s eyes firmly on the future of the heart of financial transactions.

Stratis is a company which operates worldwide. Their strong, distributed team of blockchain developers, consultants, and marketing experts combines a solid corporate structure, for best business practices, with the flexibility required for rapid prototyping and deployment.

Blockchain technology can seem overwhelming and daunting. Like all things new - at first they seem very challenging to understand. It makes sense that, if you buy strat, you help to facilitate a company with the vision to use their expertise to solve the challenges of enterprise blockchain development and implementation on a global scale – they want to make blockchain easy!

Dwindling privacy is an illness of our current technologically invasive world.Stratis believes in respecting the rights of the individual when it comes to data protection and data privacy on its blockchain. You would want to know that when you buy strat that this was a major foundational principal of the company. In order to have an optimally viable company, one where you’re confident when you but strat, it’s encouraging to know that Stratis believes in the open source model of software development, and its source code is accessible to anyone across the world.

Like privacy, security of personal and transactional information is of major concern. Stratis believes that users must be able to safely rely on its blockchain for their transactions and data without risk of error or attack. Reliability of security is a solid reason to invest and buy strat.

The addition of Stratis Sidechains and C# smart contracts make the Stratis Platform suitable for use-cases at the forefront of the technological industry. When you buy strat you are supporting a company with a big vision - one that includes us all and is not the province of the few.

Do you want assistance in implementing a customised application of this technology? Excellent customer support is a critical factor in choosing to buy strat. Stratis have a team who workclosely with clients to define the scope of a project during, explore its feasibility and consider what the optimal approach would be.