Storj is an open source, decentralised file storage solution. It uses encryption, file sharding, and a blockchain-based hash table to store files on a peer-to-peer network.

The goal is to make cloud file storage faster, cheaper, and private.

Traditional cloud storage solutions, like Dropbox or Google Drive have limitations. While files are backed up redundantly, bandwidth from a data centre or unexpected outages can restrict access to your files. There’s also the issue of privacy. These companies have control over your files, including the ability to access them.

The Storj project uses blockchain and peer-to-peer networks to solve these problems. It distributes the files so redundancy is well established. It also guarantees you’re the only one who can access your files.

Cloud technology has changed the way we handle our data. Due to the fact that we are almost never without an internet connection, either through cellular data or wifi, data no longer needs to be stored on a single piece like a USB stick or hard drive. We want access to our data at all times, instantly. This is what cloud data storage has provided. It’s how we store documents, listen to music and access our important files. But could it be better? One cryptocurrency, Storj thinks so.

Cloud storage has change the way we think about storing our data. It allows us to save space on our personal computers and hard drives by outsourcing our documents to a centralised server that holds the information. The only thin we need to receive the data is an internet connection. Companies like Dropbox, Google and Amazon have all utilised this technology with high levels of success. Storj wants to make it better. When you buy storj you are investing in the possibility of joining the big cloud storage players of today.

Storj is a crypto token and is how payment is made to buy room to store your data. When you decide to buy storj they can be bought just link any other crypto token. Generally, you need to first purchased another crypto currency that can be used to buy storj.

You can rent out your unused computer storage space to the blockchain. Therefore, rather than buy storj you can be paid in storj for your computer space.

Storj intends to facilitate a faster, cheaper, and secure file storage solution than traditional cloud storage platforms. To achieve its goal, Storj deploys several innovative technologies and methods to make sure that users are able to store and retrieve data in a fastest possible way while not compromising the security and integrity of data. Quite a future ahead you would think - excellent reasons to buy storj.