Cointree secures investment from Silicon Valley data analytics company

August 19th, 2020
Today we are excited to announce a major milestone for Australian exchanges. Cointree has secured significant strategic investment from Silicon-Valley-based data analytics company, Indica Labs Inc.
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The Best Crypto & Bitcoin Wallet in Australia 2021

January 19th, 2021
When trading in cryptocurrencies it is essential to have an understanding of how you store your coins. Unlike most traditional currencies that we are all familiar with using, bitcoin is a digital currency. Bitcoins don’t exist in any physical shape or form - you can’t hold them in your hand - you can’t stuff them under the mattress or put them in a traditional wallet.
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Cointree Crypto Market Update - January 13th 2021

January 13th, 2021
What unfolded before our eyes this week was incredible, Bitcoin set ANOTHER new all time high (ATH), breaking its previous record set just last week at $43,800 AUD.
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Cointree Crypto Market Update - January 6th 2021

January 6th, 2021
The Bitcoin bulls cannot be stopped! Bitcoin’s jaw-dropping performance this past fortnight has certainly helped us leave 2020 behind and move onwards, and upwards, into 2021.
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How to Trade Bitcoin

January 5th, 2021
Are you ready to start trading bitcoin but aren’t sure where to start? Read our guide on how to create a good bitcoin trading strategy and methods of trading.
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Cointree Crypto Market Update - December 23rd 2020

December 23rd, 2020
Bitcoin to the Moon! The popular saying in the world of crypto perfectly summarised the performance of World’s largest digital currency as we officially established record prices for the first time since the end of 2017 bull run.
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Cointree Crypto Market Update - December 16th 2020

December 16th, 2020
An early scare for Bulls this past week saw Bitcoin's price plummet after breaking the triangle formation referenced in our last market update.
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Cointree Crypto Market Update - December 9th 2020

December 9th, 2020
Where do we go from here? A quiet week in the market saw Bitcoin - and to a further extent, the entire cryptocurrency market cool off after just breaching it’s previous all time high in the last week.
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Cointree Crypto Market Update - December 2nd 2020

December 2nd, 2020
After a weekend of Black Friday discount prices, Bitcoin - the largest cryptocurrency in the world rebounded to successfully establish a new record-setting price!
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Cointree Crypto Market Update - November 25th 2020

November 25th, 2020
Are we there yet? As each week passes, we inch closer to reaching the previous All-Time High price for Bitcoin of $27,000 AUD. In what appeared to be a choppy week, the largest cryptocurrency by market capitalization made a move to test the waters.
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Cointree Crypto Market Update - November 18th 2020

November 18th, 2020
Bitcoin’s rise continues! We are just over 3k away from a new Bitcoin all time high against the Australian Dollar. If Bitcoin can push another 15% higher, the largest crypto by market cap will reach the highest price in its history.
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